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I hate wasting time.  Standing in line? Uh uh, no way. Watching commercials? I tape all my programs, saves 20 minutes per program. Podcasts? Send me the transcription.

In an effort to help budding bloggers not waste any time, I decided to write this book.Book cover final

When I started this endeavor in April, I wasted a lot of time  reading how-to books on creating a website and blogging. I found most of what I read a waste of time. Too many “authors” call themselves experts because they put up one website and started blogging. It was difficult finding worthwhile books.

If you have ever perused the Kindle books on any given subject, you’ll soon realize how much junk is out there. The Kindle program allows anyone to publish, and I mean anyone, even yours truly.  And with any program there are positives and negatives.  What you need is probably available, but you have to wade through the sludge to find it.

While I was wading through the sludge, it dawned on me that I could compile this information in a book to help the next newbie blogger.  I give you, Blogging the Right Way: Reference Guide to Save Time and Money Building Your Website and Blog. 

As part of the Kindle program, I have days where I offer the book for free. If you would like to wait for one of these days, then head on over to my blog and sign up for the Reference Guide. I will send a notice to anyone on my email list.

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