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Life is complicated. You would think with all the modern conveniences and apps that we have, life would be simpler, but it’s not. The more things we have in life, it seems the more things can go wrong, stop working, or even disappear (ever have that hard drive crash?).

There are probably thousands of blogs that are devoted to helping you simplify your life. Feel free to check them out; I’m sure you’ll find a few tips. But if you’d rather save some time, tune into my space because I’m going to do the checking for you.

A simple life for me doesn’t mean living with less. It means living life efficiently and easy. Any DIYer will tell you that a job will be easy with all the right tools. That’s how I like to live my life. Being bothered bothers me. So when I find a great tip, handy tool, or sage advice, I will share so you can make your life ¬†easier too.




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