You’d Be Crazy Not To Design with Canva

If you haven’t tried Canva, you don’t know what you are missing. Canva is an easy to use graphic design program. In the past, I have purchased various software programs for basic home design purposes, e.g., greeting cards, invitations. I even purchased Adobe Photoshop about fifteen years ago hoping to become a budding designer using my plethora of photographs. I never did learn how to use it. Every time I wanted to do the simplest task, I had to pull out the manual.

When I found out about Canva and started to use it, it was a “where have you been all my life, love at first site, I’ve died and gone to heaven” moment. Not only was it free, it was easy to use with its drag and drop method.


Once you create an account, you are free to start designing. You can start by choosing a template (they have over thirty) or you can customize your design size by putting in your desired length and width by pixels, mm, or inches. I should mention that I use a handy Chrome tool called MeasureIt to get the pixel measurements for anything on a web page.

Canva provides all your template needs, from social media to blogging to marketing. So far, I’ve created my business cards in case I ever need them, the cover for my eBook when I publish it, favicons for my websites (yes, I use these) and infographics for my blog (not pretty yet, but necessary). All the designs are saved on your front page, so you can easily see what you have created and compare different versions if needed.

Along with the templates come free samples of everything: photos, backgrounds, images, etc. There are also images that you can purchase for $1 a piece. I have yet to purchase anything because I can either find what I’m looking for free, or I can download from another site what I need.

Don’t Worry…Be Happy!

If you still think you won’t be able to learn the software, don’t worry. The Canva Design School has everything you need. The library of blog posts is extensive. You can also do a search right in the current design you’re building by using the help box in the bottom right corner. I found this incredible article on choosing the right colors for designs.

Every website is supposed to give you something for signing up for their newsletter/blog, and Canva is no different. Canva sends you their 35 page booklet on how to design your brand. For those of us on a tight, or non-existent budget, this booklet is a great resource for business owners or entrepreneurs wanting to build their brand.

I recently tried a free 30 day trial of Canva for Work, and I must say I loved it. This is an upgraded version of Canva with great features for any business. Canva helps your business build a brand and in the Work version, Canva goes a step further. Now your business can keep everything consistent across all designs and departments. It saves your colors, your fonts, logos and templates and enables easy access for your teams. There is also a handy automatic resizing tool for designs. I didn’t have a use for this, so I can’t give my opinion, but knowing how Canva works, I bet it’s awesome.

JB (1)

My only wish is that I could have justified keeping the Canva for Work version. The price is not bad for a business, but for a one person, blogger/freelance writer, with a—did I mention—non-existent budget, I couldn’t justify the $12.95/month cost.

We live in a DIY world where all the information you need is free if you can find it. Canva is a free, hands on design school just waiting for your creative talents to be unleashed. There is simply no excuse for you not to try this fantasic software. Happy Canva!




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